Home Buyer FAQs

Buying a home is one the biggest financial decisions most people will make in their entire lives, so it’s only natural to have questions about the process, especially for first-time home buyers.

That’s why we put together our own First-Time Home Buyer’s Kit. The free kit includes a Home Buyer’s Handbook to provide answers to the more basic questions about buying a home. Some of these questions include:

What are the benefits of owning versus renting a home?
When you add up the tax benefits of owning a home versus renting a home, it costs no more to be a homeowner than it does to rent, in many cases. With this in mind, why help finance your landlord’s financial goals when you can own your own home and, as your equity grows, increase your savings for the future as well?

Does my credit score affect my ability to secure a home loan?
When it comes to qualifying for a mortgage, the answer is never simply a matter of yes or no; it’s a matter of when: When will you be ready to qualify? While your credit score does affect this process, with credit repair services, government loans, and other programs and strategies, homeownership can be a reality for anyone willing to put in the necessary time and effort.

What’s the difference between being pre-qualified and being pre-approved?
There’s a world of difference. A pre-qualification is a statement based often on unverified financial data. A pre-approval, however, is a decision to loan, and carries a lot of weight with sellers. With a pre-approval, you are essentially a cash buyer, and not only do you know exactly how much you can afford, sellers will take your offer much more seriously knowing you are pre-approved.