The Rest of the Ten Things That Were Invented in Denver

Here’s 7, 8, 9 & 10.

7) Henry Barnes, a Denver traffic engineer from 1947 to 1953, installed traffic lights at intersections stopping traffic in all directions so pedestrians could cross directly or diagonally (dubbed The Barnes Dance). It’s a crazy idea, isn’t it?

8) The nation’s first juvenile court was started in Denver in 1903 by Judge Ben B. Lindsey. Denver’s juvenile court became a model for other cities around the world. Neal Cassady being one of its youthful clients in the ‘40s.

9) Denver architect Temple Buell, known as the “father of the shopping center,” didn’t actually build the first one. He presented the idea for one at the Urban Land Institute and visiting architects went home and knocked them off. Buell later developed the Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

10) Shredded Wheat also started in Denver. Henry Perky had trouble digesting food. In 1893, he discovered that boiled or steamed wheat was more easily digested than almost anything else, so he made a machine that would press out the boiled wheat into filaments that could then be folded into biscuits. He tried to sell the machine, not the biscuits, until John Kellogg came to Denver and suggested that the cereal might prove popular. So Perky took this idea to New York and made a fortune. Hope he wasn’t gluten intolerant!

Thanks to this from Bill Kosena at ReMax

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