Property Management

Did you know that Property Managers in Colorado must be an active licensed Real Estate Agent? (Preferably a Realtor.) Why do you need a Property Manager?

Making the decision to enlist the help of a property manager can benefit you both personally and professionally. Your time will be freed up to focus on other investments, or on your main career, in addition to improving the value of your property and increasing your cash flow. But hiring a bad property manager can cost your thousands, and even lose your investment altogether.

How large is the rental market? According to
60% of U.S. rental housing is owned by individual landlords.
Almost 1/3 of all U.S. housing is rented.
Almost 60% of all housing is detached single family homes.
There are over 115,000,000 housing units in the United States.

We thank you for giving Key Realty Partners, LLC the opportunity to manage your property. We offer a full list of services and provide for you:

Tenant Selection: We only place the best possible tenants in your property. Our thorough screening process for rental applicants has consistently kept our eviction rate very low and your money coming in every month! All potential tenants over the age of 18 will complete a detailed application which verifies past residences and employment history. A credit check including judgments/liens, National Eviction, criminal background, and national sex offender check is completed and charged directly to the Tenant. We verify driver’s licenses, social security numbers and pay stubs as well as contact prior landlords for confirmation that they have been good tenants in the past. As a management company, we have many procedures to eliminate problem tenants prior to ever renting to them. Placing the right tenant is the single most important step in the process.

Advertising: We create an extensive web presence for your rental property by placing your property on over 75 rental websites through sites such as,,, and many more. Beyond web traffic, we also use professional property signage. KRPs marketing program, combined with our knowledge of the Colorado marketplace increases exposure for your rental. As a result, we are able to consistently rent properties, priced at current market rates, to qualified tenants in approximately thirty days.

Tenant Move-In/Move-Out: All tenants are given and will complete a move-in inspection sheet allowing the tenants to acknowledge in writing any damage and over-all condition of the property. We will take a video or photographs of the premises to support the move-in condition to prevent future disputes. All tenants are given a move-out inspection sheet that will be used to assess any damage, items needing cleaning, etc. that will be deducted against the collected security deposit.

Monthly Owner Statement: Our accounting department provides owners with monthly financial statements and includes all financial activity and copies of the bills we paid on your behalf and proof of repair or maintenance on the home. This same report also has year to date information, so your December statement has all of your annual figures for tax purposes.

Rent Collection: You need your money! Rent is due on the 1st and late after 5 p.m. on the 3rd of the month. Issuance of a 3-day notice will occur if the rent is not received from the tenant by the 6th of the month.

Maintenance and Repair: We have a list of preferred vendors for all maintenance services. We handle all calls from tenants for any services they may need including after hours emergencies. Tenants are billed back for charges if they are responsible for the cause of the repair.

General Management: Having a property management company with specific market knowledge is extremely valuable in assessing rents and knowing local market trends. Our team will offer suggestions to make your property rent-ready, or to enhance the appeal of your property. If your property is not currently in rent ready condition, our team can help you with this process to ease the transition into management. Our company has a wide array of procedures to shield owners from unnecessary liability and help tenants feel they are being well looked after.

We thank you for your interest in our services and we look forward to serving you.