Louisville was established as coal mining town in the late 1800’s. A land owner, Louis Nawatny, plated his land and named it after himself. Coal miners moved to town and were able to walk to their work in the new, safer mine. From the beginning Louisville enjoyed a democratic society with no employer domination as was normal in those times. At the peak of the coal mining era, there were 12 mines in Louisville.

Today, Louisville blends the hometown atmosphere with a progressive, modern look. Downtown is a old fashioned, Main Street, while the surrounding area is built up with modern new homes. Convenient to both Denver and Boulder, residents enjoy all the amenities of a small town and big city.

Most of the area’s industrial development is in Boulder County, which has the highest concentration of manufacturing in Colorado. Twenty-seven percent of the work force is employed by manufactures, compared with thirteen percent state-wide. High tech firms number more than 700 in Boulder County. The result having an impact on housing prices going upward. This area is one of the more expensive areas for housing in the Denver Metroplex.