Home Inspection Key to First Purchase

Allen Robie is one of Denver's top house inspectors

After your offer has been accepted, it’s time to have your new home inspected. I often work with Allen Robie who is a fantastic inspector and very knowledgeable about how a home works.

Allen explains what he found on the roof

He takes a holistic approach, checking everything from the insulation in the attic to the condition of the foundation… and everything in between. According to what he finds, objections may come up that need to be addressed. Sometimes it re-opens the negotiating process and is an essential step in the home-buying process to ensure you’re fully getting what you pay for!

The inspection usually takes a couple of hours and within a few days he will submit a written report that details what he’s found. It’s a fascinating process and can really give the buyer great peace of mind. I recommend a home inspection for all my buyers, and working with a professional like Allen brings incredible value.

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