Denver #1 Rebounding Real Estate Market in America

What an unbelievably powerful video to be able to show anyone considering buying a home in Denver! Please take a moment to watch this short video detailing the top 8 reasons why Denver is currently the number one city in America to buy a home.

Many of these reasons surround first time buyers and their ability to make the leap into homeownership. With a large number of Generation X and Y in the Denver Metro Area we have an ideal climate to present the Path2Buy Homeownership Program to future buyers. What are the top 7 reasons renters are currently struggling to buy a home in today’s market? Here is what we have found; the clients with the best plan at the beginning of the process always have the most enjoyable experience when it comes to buying a home. Here are the top three reasons our clients are having success with the Pa th2Buy program.

  1. We meet with the client one on one at the office so we can discuss the process of buying a home, answer questions specific to their situation, and inform them of things to avoid and look out for!
  2. Create an action plan to help improve any areas of the loan application currently postponing their loan approval. Including steps to improve your credit, better understanding of how to structure a monthly budget, and set preliminary expectations for what future monthly payment makes the most sense for their situation.
  3. Follow up calls from the Path2Buy coach every 45 days to make sure the client is taking the appropriate steps to accomplish their goal, as well as ensure they are receiving the most accurate answers to their questions.