A Story About Staying Open to the Moment

This past week I was on my way to do a condo inspection, and in the parking lot, a man and his wife pulled in front of me and stopped. I thought this is odd, but I lowered my window and asked them if they were lost.

“Where’s the leasing office.” He wanted to know. “These are private condos,” I told him. “But can I help you with something?”

“I’m looking for a place to live,” he said. Of course, not knowing he nearly drove right over a realtor, I explained to the gentleman what I was doing in the condo complex.

Three hours later I had rented them a beautiful home in Park Hill  that I knew was for sale, but that the owner, due to the soft market, was also considering renting. They move in January 1.

A happy ending for everyone…and a reminder that you never know what the day will bring or who you will meet.

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